• What time is the service?

The worship service begins at 10:30 on Sunday morning.  We encourage people to come at 10:00 for coffee, cinnamon rolls and refreshments in our cafe. You will always experience warm and friendly people who want you to belong.

  • Is the roof going to cave in on me?

The moment you step into the church you will notice warm and friendly people who want to welcome you.  We cater to people who haven’t been to church in a while.  We welcome everyone no matter their faith background or the church background or even if they have no church background. No, the roof won’t cave in but you can be sure your spirit will soar as you experience Christ through the ministry of Coastal Community Church.

  • What Can I Expect the First Time I Attend Coastal Community Church?

You will be greeted by warm and friendly people who will be glad to give you direction and answer any questions you have.  In our sanctuary, there is always plenty of seating.  We begin our worship with our praise band leading us in contemporary Christian worship songs and even some classic hymns.  Our worship prayer time is unique and meaningful.  The message is relevant, inspirational and comes directly from God’s Word.  Every service ends with a challenge so we don’t just hear but are challenged to do.  We never single anyone out individually or put them on the spot in our services.  Worship at Coastal Community Church is about Christ touching you and leading you as we worship Him together.

  • What should I wear?

Our pastor and staff are usually dressed in jeans so casual dress is the norm.  However, some of our members like to dress up on Sunday and that is fine too.  Wear whatever makes you comfortable. No matter how you dress you will never feel out of place.

  • What About My Children?

Splash is our Sunday morning children’s ministry.  Our children’s team creates a secure safe environment that is fun for children as they learn more about Jesus.  Splash begins at 10:30 every Sunday morning and is for babies, toddlers and children from preschool to 5th Grade.

Surge is our student ministry for middle and high school students. Students are lead and mentored by godly men and women that truly love all our students. Surge meets Sunday evenings at 5:00.

  • What If I am from another faith background or denomination?

Coastal Community Church is a non-denominational faith community.  We welcome people from all denominations and faith backgrounds.

  • Do I need to bring my Bible?

You don’t have to bring your Bible Scripture verses can be viewed on our multimedia screens during the message. But we always recommend that you do bring a Bible or a tablet or other smart device.  Sermon notes can always be found on YouVesion under Events.

  • Is this a church where my family will be fed by God’s Word?

Absolutely your family will find strong biblical teaching that will feed their soul. Our mission is to experience community by building relationships that are Christ-centered. God’s Word is so important in our mission.  Helping people understand God’s word is one of the four priorities of our church.

  • Is there a place for me to serve?

We want everyone to feel they belong here. Serving is the outward expression of Christ’s love to us.  There is always a place of service that fits your gifts and talents.  We also provide time and opportunity for you to discover your that place where you can best express your service.

  • What about safety?

We have a safety team in place to keep everyone in our church secure and safe.  We also are prepared to address emergency medical situations.  This team remains unseen in the background so that no one ever feels threatened but if needed they are ready.